Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Decorative Half Timbering

One of the things I really like in cottage style is decorative half timbering. Sometimes referred to as a "Tudor style" exterior, at one time the visible timbers were actually  used to hold up the house. The frame was built, floors constructed, and then mats of woven wood (usually Hazel wood) were put into place and then covered with a plaster material to form the walls. Nowadays, however, the half timbering is almost always decorative only and no longer load bearing.
Classic Tudor-styled Half Timbering

I quite like the juxtaposition of white and brown, or white and black, one finds in this style. I am hoping when I build my cottage I will be able to include at least some of the half timbered style. Sometimes it can be used for the whole house, but usually there is a base floor of brick or stone and the half timbering is restricted to the second floor. I believe I will carry the brown and white colour scheme into the interior and go for a simple look; splashes of colour can be added with throws, artwork, plants, etc.

Please enjoy these few examples I found on the web. If anybody is experienced in building with this style, do let me know because I would like to learn more about it.

Decorative timbers on the second floor. Source: Unknown

An interesting colour choice for this Seattle mansion. Source: Unknown

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