Friday, March 15, 2013

The Story Behind My English Cottage Dream

Welcome to the very first post of my new blog. Before I get to the point of my blog, I will share with you some of my backstory.

I grew up in the Southern US, but for some reason always had a bit of an obsession with England. It's always been my dream to own an English Cottage style home, and for a while when I was younger I thought I would. Unfortunately, around the age of 25 I came down with some chronic medical conditions that make it impossible for me to work. Not only did I end up with greatly reduced activity levels, I also had to say goodbye to my dream of owning my cottage home....or any home. Since that time I've moved to the Pacific Northwest and have rented in a couple of different places, but the high cost of renting has really been a burden on me and has left me with little to no savings. I worry about what will happen in the future, if the cost of renting goes too high or I became so debilitated I couldn't even take the occasional odd jobs I take to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, until recently I didn't see any way I would ever be able to have my own land or house. I became quite enamored of the "tiny house" movement, but even those seemed out of reach especially as I had no place to put them. Then, one day, I was talking with a friend who told me that one of his family members owned a bit of land they never used, and a crazy idea came to me: Why not just ASK for the land and/or house?

I realize this sounds completely crazy. Why would I expect a perfect stranger somewhere to give me something for nothing? Well, I don't....not really.  However, as I see it's about the only hope I have of making owning my own place a reality. Many people have acres they don't ever use. Some people inherit houses they have no intention of living in. Others have been blessed with the financial resources that make land ownership easy for them. I don't have any of those things, but what I do have is a burning desire to be self-sufficient and have a stable home that I can stay in into my elder years. Assuming I can get the land, my next goal would be to have help building a small, cottage-style home on it and to put in a garden where I could, as much as possible, grow my own food.

With my health issues, I won't ever have the life I planned on. That doesn't mean that I have to admit defeat or give up. I know there are good people out there for whom granting my wish would be easy. I'm not asking for money, but I am asking for a place I can call my own. If nothing else, this will be a social experiment to see what kind of response I get to my quest, as as far as I know nobody's ever done something like this before. Keep an eye on this blog for regular updates, images of what I have in mind, and my thoughts about homesteading and the "tiny house" movement.

Thank you for reading!

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